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(So far James is the earliest Freebairn I can connect to)

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Michael Corwin Freebairn (aka "Corey" Freebairn) 9th generation grandson of James Freebairn

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The idea behind this site is to obtain as much ancestral information possible for Freebairn's worldwide. We would be pleased to incorporate any genealogical information you may have. We are also open to correcting errors in the ancestral information. For example, sometimes we have the same person with conflicting birth records or dates. If you have information in a "GEDCOM" format, we will gladly upload that information and regenerate the ancestral info. If you have genealogical records and would like assistance to put them onto the computer, we are very willing to help. Information about "living" Freebairns will be a name only (examples of this are already in the file now). Thank you for your contributions!

The genealogy found on this web site was produced on 24 August 2001
with help from Personal Ancestral File, a FREE software product.

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